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 ‘5 Days to a Happier, Healthier You'.

Your nutritional glow-up - loaded with simple, healthy, delicious recipes, treats & bonuses, for just $292 $47!


I don’t know about you, but it’s certainly been one of home-schooling, 24/7-parenting, over-stressing, over-working, over-indulging, and under-moving over here. And if you’re like me, your body might me begging for a little more TLC.   Well, I’ve got something special to help.  


“5 Days to a Happier and Healthier You” will show you how to use food as medicine - and eat to feel vibrant, nourish your gut and brain health, get your hormones humming more happily, and become leaner and stronger - quickly. Whether you want to do the 5-Day Challenge, or just use the CLEAN recipes on rotation, this is a power-packed REAL FOOD program that promises real results, fast.
Your body will breathe a sigh of relief after eating this way for 5 days!
Think: Less bloat and “puffy-ness”, clearer skin, a flatter stomach, more spring in your step, calmer digestion, and a sparkle in your eye!
PLUS, you can use all the recipes and repeat it anytime you need a glow-up (or a tummy tune-up).
It’s yours for life.

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  • You’re overdue for a reset, and have been looking for a simple yet powerful program to do something nourishing for yourself and get YOU back on track
  • You’re embarrassed to be in Instagram or Facebook photos, because you hate your body and skin at the moment. It’s puffy, inflamed, you feel old, and you’re over it.  
  • You are stuck on the weight rollercoaster and are sick of your count going up as quickly as it goes down.
  • You are in a permanent state of food paralysis, never knowing what to eat to be healthy and /or how to feed your family.
  • You are sick of being tired all the time, with no energy to hang out with family or friends, or keep up with your parenting would be so much easier to just hide in bed binge-watching Virgin River on Netflix!
  • You are constantly bloated, have gas, or are suffering from constipation or diarrhea
  • You’ve been searching high and low for a simple, yet effective program full of insanely delicious recipes that need only a handful of ingredients and can be ready to devour in 15 minutes or less.

I get you, beautiful. I’ve been in your shoes with my own health issues and burnout battle. That’s why I designed this QUICK, delicious and proven program that just works.  

It’s my go-to tool when my clients and I are feeling “meh” and out of sorts. And it’s only 5 days! Anybody can follow a program for 5 days. 💕  Trust me, you will want to rinse and repeat this once you’re done, you’ll love it so much.

I know you can do this! In 5 days you will feel sooo much better.

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For just $47 you'll get


(Value $97)


Follow a Functional Nutritionist-approved meal plan designed to help you look and feel your best. The focus of this short, sweet ‘n’ sharp nutritional reboot is on simple, real food that is easy to make, and a joy to eat. Especially once you see and experience the results.

I’ve designed it to be doable even if you don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen ( neither!) or have to feed the family too. This isn’t restrictive, it’s nourishing.   

✓ Family-friendly recipes and meal plans for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks - so you know exactly what to eat, when. (And your kids won’t turn their nose up at your meals!)
✓ Delicious sweet treats -- so you can satisfy your sweet-tooth, with no guilt afterwards.
✓ Grocery lists (including quantities) categorised into where to find things in the supermarket. to make your life 10X easier.
✓ 4 explainer videos to outline the WHY behind the nutrition reboot program and diet choices -- and set you up for roaring success.



(Value $97)


If you’ve ever been tempted by Isagenix, this is the Functional Nutritionist-approved version! Kickstart the 5 Day meal plan with these 5-days of smoothies for a serious body reset; or have it in your back pocket for when you want to feel leaner and lighter FAST.

Every clean smoothie is low in sugar and packed with protein, fat and fibre - to beautifully balance your blood sugar (goodby hangry-ness and jitters), keep your energy levels up, and feed your hormones while you drop excess weight.


✓ 5 days of delicious and filling veggie-full smoothie recipes to get into shape, de-puff, get glowy, and feel leaner FAST.
✓ Satisfying, healthy, balanced meal smoothies, and “nourish bowls” to start the day and end it.
✓ Grocery list so you know exactly what to buy to have 5-days of smoothies, sorted.
✓ Explainer Video outlining the science behind the recipes and regime; and how to use this challenge to reduce inflammation and drop weight safely (without depleting your hormones or muscle mass)

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Make your Weeknights a Breeze Slow Cooker Recipe Book (Value $49)

  • 10 delicious easy slow cooker recipes (don’t fret, you can also use these recipes if you don’t have a slow cooker!)
  • Have a delicious, nutrient-dense dinner on the table, and enough for lunch the next day. 
  • Make dinner in the morning in minimal time or fuss, making life so much less stressful between the busy time of 4-7pm!!


Have Your Cake and Eat It Too Raw Treats

(Value $49)

  • Delicious healthy treats the whole family will love
  • No bake desserts - saving so much time in the kitchen. 
  • Use food as medicine and enjoy and indulge without the guilt
  • Know that you are indulging and balancing your blood sugar at the same time - you can't beat that!
  • Say no to being hangry or irritated with these balanced and nutrient-dense healthy treats.


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Hi beautiful, I’m Jackie Bowker.

Certified Functional Medicine Nutritionist / Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), Certified Gluten & GAPS Practitioner, PSYCH-K (Adv) Facilitator, BSc(BioMed), Grad. Dip. & M. Human Nutrition)

As a certified Functional Medicine Nutritionist and PSYCH-K facilitator, I specialise in building healthy, happy humans by balancing their gut, metabolism and hormones through diet and lifestyle changes using both the conscious and subconscious minds.

I’ve helped over 200 people transform their metabolic health and unhealthy belief patterns over the past 5 years in my Private Functional Medicine Practice, and I’m so privileged to support you on your wellness journey too.

My biggest passions are helping others to automate the changes they need at a subconscious level so living healthy is easy. So people live their happiest, healthiest lives, in a sustainable way - and spreading a message of health and happiness to the next generation, by empowering mamas to up level their health (and feel happier in the process).

What women just like you are saying about this

5-Day program:

Kristy, Victoria

I dropped 2kg of what I assume was massive fluid retention last week.

I am feeling great - I had some awful PMS symptoms last week but coming out the other end and feeling ‘flatter’ than ever and really light too. I dropped about 2kgs of what I assume was massive fluid retention in 5 days last week.

Caitlyn, NSW

I have had my eyes completely opened to this incredible and achievable lifestyle.

I was a girl who struggled to go a day without alcohol, 5 coffees (min), chocolate, about 2 hours of exercise etc. I am now eating so much, and have had my eyes completely opened to this incredible and achievable lifestyle.

Jane, Victoria

I haven’t had this much energy, probably forever.

I haven’t had this much energy, probably forever. Migraines are the worst, especially in the sun. So I’m hoping I’ll be able to enjoy summer a bit more this year without them now.

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My 100% guarantee

Your health and happiness is my top priority. Test drive this program and if you don’t absolutely love it, receive a full refund within the first 14 days if you aren’t 100% satisfied.

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