JB Wellness School is a step-by-step plan for busy mamas and women (like you!) to banish bloat, revamp your diet, and reboot your body...without an ounce of overwhelm.


















Does any of this sound familiar?

Hands in the air if…

  • You struggle to lose weight, and keep it off. You’re becoming scared of stepping on the scale, and sick of your clothes being so tight. You’re over always fighting your weight creeping up -- but you don’t know how to get a handle on it.  
  • You deal with stubborn bloating, embarrassing gas, diarrhea, or constipation far too often for comfort.  
  • You often feel a sense of exhaustion, anxiety or overwhelm. Between taking care of your kids, being a good partner to your husband, meeting work deadlines, or making meals for the family at the end of a busy day -- you’re struggling to cope with it all.  
  • You experience “time of the month” grumpiness, acne, irregular periods or severe PMS symptoms on the regular. (But no matter how many times you go to your GP, nothing changes - except they throw more medication at you, which you’re not keen to take.)
  • You feel confused about how to eat healthily for you, and for your family. You’ve read so many different diet programs or magazine articles, that you have no idea how to eat anymore!! Is vegan, or keto, better? 
  • You’re tired of feeling old and tired, and as if your energy is on a constant downward spiral.  
  • Not to mention, you have no idea who to make healthy food that your kids (or partner...or even you!) will actually enjoy!

Honestly, beautiful? I understand.  

A lot of my clients come to me feeling this way. Drained, depleted, and stuck.
And I’ll say to you the same thing I say to them…

Why settle for feeling this ‘meh’ when you don’t have to?  You can feel great (and you certainly can feel FAR happier and healthier than you are right now) when you have the right tools, support, and nutrition & lifestyle strategies in place.

Simply put: it doesn't have to be that way. 

Just imagine...

  • Knowing that you can effortlessly maintain your ideal weight ~ and feel strong, light and lean, rather than bloated and “puffy”.
  • Having ample energy for your family, your work, and yourself.
  • Genuinely liking the way your body looks ~ instead of grimacing every time you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. 
  • Knowing that your hormones don’t dictate your moods, weight, and mental state. (Cue sigh of relief)
  • Having smooth, supple, glowing skin ~ and looking like you’ve turned back the clock on ageing (without expensive trips to the dermatologist)
  • No longer being held back by negative thoughts and unhealthy beliefs about your body & health (“I’ll always struggle with mood swings, that’s just how PMS is...All my family struggles with their weight, so do I...I’ve always had skin problems, I’m stuck with them!”). You know it’s not like that! 
  • Feeling confident that you’re building a firmer foundation of health for you and your family.

All of that is possible when you embrace the diet, mindset and lifestyle changes I’m about to share with you!

THE JB Wellness School


Jackie Bowker

Certified Functional Medicine Nutritionist / Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP, Certified PSYCH-K, Gluten & GAPS Practitioner, BSc(BioMed), Grad. Dip. & M. Human Nutrition)

As one of the top functional practitioners in Australia, I believe in the power of happy, healthy humans!!
That’s why I designed the JB Method - to help people take control of their health, the health of their families, and to be their own best health advocate. 
I spent years hustling in the corporate world, focusing on what I thought was important (job titles, money, appearances) and ignoring what was actually important: my emotional and physical health.
We’ve all experienced the negative effects of burnout, and I learned firsthand how to rebuild healthy habits—from better nutrition, to better sleep—and retrain my brain toward a positive mental attitude as a result of hitting rock bottom.

The JB Wellness School was born from more than a decade of advanced health education, clinical observations, and actual results in my functional medicine nutrition private practice.  Everything you learn and eat in this program is built around evidence-based ‘functional medicine’ principles to empower you with the tools to nurture your mind, body, and spirit, while reprogramming negative habits and self talk ~ and to commit to your emotional and physical well-being so that you can always be your healthiest, happiest self. In doing so, you’ll model this approach to life and health to your friends and family, too. We’re all an important part of the health movement! And I’m so honoured to walk this path alongside you.

Why I Created the JB Wellness School for
Busy, Burnt-Out Mamas


As a working Mum myself, who has had my own battle with burnout, I know how hard it can be to juggle all the responsibilities of being a parent when you’re not feeling the best.

And while you probably know  you need to take better care of yourself, you often feel like you don’t have the time to make those healthy habits happen! You want to pop out to Pilates, but you can’t, because you’ve got to take the kids to school, or do the nightly homework.

The Mum struggle is REAL!  But it IS possible to make real transformation in your health and body without getting overwhelmed.  That’s why I created this program.  It’s what I WISH I had to support me when I was first beginning my health journey many years ago - designed by a fellow Mum and Functional Medicine Practitioner (me) for busy mamas (you).

Over the next 90-days, you’ll learn easy-to-apply lifestyle upgrades and diet changes to improve YOUR health, first and foremost ~ but also the health of your family. Plus you’ll learn WHY they matter, and how they work.

Rather than add to your stress, everything in this program is designed to help you

Save Time

As a busy, working mama of two myself, I've mastered the art of cooking for a family. You'll get my recipes, meal plans + grocery shopping lists so you know exactly what to buy next time you hit the store ~ saving you hours of research scrolling through Instagram, or scouring the shelves in the supermarket!

Nix Confusion 

There'll be no more confusion about what to eat (or do) to be well. 🀯  Instead, you'll be crystal clear on what foods are inflammatory for your gut, body, and skin. And you'll know exactly what to pile your plate high with to feel your best (inside and out). 

Spend Wisely

I'll show you how to prepare quick-and-easy meals (and leftovers that taste amazing) so you don't spend $80 on UberEats out of desperation on a Friday. And I'll make sure you don't waste money on supplements or "healthy" over-priced ingredients that aren't actually good for you. 🀦‍♀️ 

Together we can create a healthier future for our kids

I will be honest with you, beautiful. This is something I am incredibly passionate about, too. It’s my mission on this earth. Why? Well, because it’s important! Did you know that 1 in 2 children will be autistic in 2026? And it’s the result of 30% genes + 70% the environment we’re living in.

The good news? We can control and positively impact BOTH of those by changing what we eat, and how we live. That’s what this program is about, at its heart.  Creating a healthier, happier present moment and future for ourselves, and our families.

That's why I love working with mamas just like you. We’re in a powerful position, ladies, and we can have an incredible impact on our own families, and on future generations, by the nourishing habits that we model and in still in these formative years. (No guilt, just empowerment.)

What I'm Going to Teach You

1. Nourishing Beliefs
Learn how to change your subconscious thoughts to help you reach your health/life/body goals, reduce anxiety, and feel more peaceful and content overall.
2. Good Nutrition
Master a healthy, whole-food approach to eating that will reduce your body’s inflammatory response and help you function optimally. Think: clear skin, more energy, happy gut, better digestion,  and hormonal health.
3. Healthy Movement
Incorporate hormone-balancing exercise you enjoy, and that your body thrives on.  No more over-exercising or under-exercising, just regular movement your body loves and your hormonal systems thrive on. 
4. Restorative Sleep
Learn to view sleep as medicine through sophisticated sleep rituals, hormone-balancing practices for better sleep, and evidence-based, science-backed advice for more restorative shut-eye.
5. Stress Reduction
Your body can’t tell the difference between ANY kind of stress, whether it’s work, family fights or exercise. Learn ways to reduce stress on your body and brain, so you can feel calmer and more collected in your daily life.
6. Healthy Relationships
Learn how you can progressively “clean up” your personal and professional relationships (and your relationship with yourself) to better help you thrive, and reduce debilitating stress.
7. Toxicity Reduction
A recent study showed 280 chemicals found in the human umbilical cord!! Learn how to reduce the toxic load in your life by reviewing your make-up, your cleaning products, and so much more.


"Jackie has been an absolute Angel since the day we met. Her commitment to helping, supporting me, having my back and encouraging me has been above and beyond passionate and beyond the call of duty. She has changed the way I connect and communicate with my physical and emotional bodies. Her eating plans are phenomenal and delicious. Once Jackie has you as a client you will be one for life! She is a heart centered practitioner who loves her work and is forever upskilling so we can all access the best modalities. I cannot recommend her enough to anyone that needs stress support, emotional clearing, nutrition guidance or understanding any autoimmune condition."

Jackie has stood by my side through gut issues to fertility problems and now planning to get pregnancy for baby number two. She is not only supportive and caring she is also always right in her protocols and I feel 100 % better once being on them. I can’t thank Jackie enough and I refer lots of my own clients to her for gut issues as well. I can’t recommend her enough.



Jackie is an outstanding practitioner. She has helped me fix several health issues over the past few years and she does it with both genuine empathy and sincerity. And just as importantly, she does it with a complete lack of judgement. Jackie combines science and her natural intuition to deliver me results time and time again."



12 Weeks Of Recipes & Meal Plans (Value $1164)

12-weeks of nutritionist-designed real food recipes, daily meal plans and printable shopping lists to help you heal your gut, look your best, and feel your best. Eat this way, and you will see and feel the difference!! The best part? These meal plans take the guesswork out of eating right.  

βœ“ 90-days of easy-to-prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks that you can have on rinse and repeat for the whole of 2021.
βœ“ Family-friendly recipes that your kids won’t turn their nose up at (promise!) -- including big batch recipes and one-bowl meals to make it easier to eat well when you’re busy. 
βœ“ Satisfy your sweet-tooth with delicious sweet treats, except no need to feel guilty afterward.

7 Modules Of Functional Medicine Education
(Value $1379)

This is where we lay the foundation of your happier, healthier life. Over seven 10-minute modules, you will dive into functional medicine principles for good health. Plus, you can access these training sessions anytime, so learning fits into your busy life.

βœ“ Learn the basics of the JB Method - my 7 pillars of health: good nutrition, good sleep, healthy movement, balance, healthy relationships, toxicity reduction and beliefs.
βœ“ Get ‘tiny action steps’ after each training to create tangible change. THIS is where the magic happens ~ in the implementation. ✨

2 Q&A Sessions on Gut, Hormones & Weight
(Value $198)

Bring me your burning questions about Gut Health, Weight Management and Hormone Balance and I’ll answer them. This is like having me as your Functional Medicine Practitioner in your pocket!  It's a chance to pick my brain and get your Qs answered. Can’t make these LIVE? You’ll be able to submit your Qs, and watch them back at a later date. 

A MindSet Mastery Group Session (Value $99)

Your mindset matters. Unlike other health courses, this program isn’t just about diet and lifestyle changes. It’s about changing your thought-patterns too, so that you can be kinder and more supportive to yourself.

In this group session we will:

βœ“ Reshape your negative beliefs around your body, health and life for the better. (No more “I don’t have time!”, “It’s too hard”, “Everyone my age is tired”)
βœ“ Step into your power to take control of your health (and life), and learn how to ask for what you want - whether that’s from your doctor, your family, even yourself.
βœ“ Make sure you understand the inner-chatter in your head, and how to re-frame it so that it supports you in reaching your goals, rather than holds you back.

Note: Everything you’ll learn in this session is based on the science of reprogramming your subconscious - this is far more than just meditation or positive thinking. 

Private Facebook Community (Priceless)

Be part of a warm and active Facebook community of like-minded people, to keep you supported and accountable. This is your safe space to share how you’re going, and ask for extra TLC. (So you never feel alone on your health journey!)

($888 WORTH!)

Bonus 1:
Blood Test Detective Masterclass (Value $197)

Getting your bloods tested gives you a wonderful window into how your body is working -- and as a mama, expectant mama, or anyone interested in their health, this is huge! You'll learn:

  • Which 5 blood tests to ask for to give you a comprehensive picture of your health
  • How to interpret blood test results ~ so you understand what these “health markers“ mean
  • How to ask for these tests from your doctor, and get them -- without having to go private and pay for them yourself. I love nothing more than empowering and helping my clients get more from their healthcare than they currently do. Because you are allowed all of this - you just have to ask for it. 
Bonus 2: 
3 Ways to Speed Up a Slow Metabolism (Value $197)

Tired of feeling puffy and “blahhh”, and feeling like ANYTHING you eat goes straight to your hips? You'll learn:

  • How your metabolism works, and mistakes you might have made that affected it.

  • How to feed your thyroid and adrenals, and balance your blood sugar (goodbye hangriness!) -- all of which are ESSENTIAL to a healthy, humming metabolism.

  • The importance of resistance training, and building lean muscle mass - and how to do it. 

  • Discover the key nutrients that really nourish and support your metabolism. 

Bonus 3:
5 Steps to Fix Your Gut Workshop (Value $197)

If you struggle to beat the bloat you will love this workshop, which provides solid tips on how to improve your gut health. You'll learn:

  • How your gut and your immune system are connected.
  • Learn how to make the good bacteria in your gut strong -- and weaken the bad stuff that causes gas, bloating and discomfort!
  • Discover which foods will heal and seal the gut lining.
  • Which probiotics offer the biggest “bang for your buck” and results -- and which to steer clear of (quality is critical, I’ll recommend the best choices). 
Bonus 4:
Your Seasonal Cleanse & Reset (Value $297)

In this seasonal cleanse, you’ll take your new anti-inflammatory lifestyle up a notch, to add more spring to your step and glow to your skin.

  • Every season, I recommend my clients give their body some extra support, so they can feel their best.
  • This cleanse builds on the eating plan you get in the JB Method ~ adding a little extra ‘oomph’, without adding a lot of $$ to your shopping list, or a lot of time to your self-care routine.
  • When you can’t make it to Bali for a week-long health retreat this is a nice option. πŸ˜‰

After these 90 days are up, you’ll walk away feeling empowered to be your own best health advocate.  You’ll know how to make changes in your life to move you towards your health goals as safely and quickly as possible. You’ll know what to eat to finally feel happy and healthy. Goodbye skin, gut, and weight woes.

...Plus, you'll have all the recipes, meal plans, and grocery lists to make your life easier (and healthier) for years to come!


“Finally back in the 60’s! So I went from 74.5kg to 69.5kg in the first 2 weeks and another 1.6kg in the next 2 weeks. So that’s 6.6kg in justunder 4 weeks! Your support and inspiration is everything! I am so glad I did this. Recipe rotation and cooking things I never usually would has been awesome. So this is for life now and I don’t plan on going back!!”

Sally T.

“Got a full period and only solid poop!! I think we have turned a corner. You have changed my life beyond what words can express, and anyone should be so lucky to be guided by you.”

Chloe S.




“You would have been so proud of my dinner tonight - salmon and sweet potato chips in the air fryer and a raw salad - I was too hungry to take a photo (lol), so happy how you have helped me turn my life around, so so grateful! Anothercontract tomorrow will make 3 sales in 7 days - ‘trusting the process’ - woo hoo!”

Frankie C.



As a brand-new program, this is an introductory rate, and the lowest JB Wellness School will EVER BE! 
don’t miss out on these sweet savings.
Become a founding member now for our January 18th intake!


3 PAYMENTS OF $132.33 AUD (TOTAL $397)

$397 AUD
(TOTAL VALUE $3728) 

That includes: 

βœ“ 90-days of Functional Nutritionist designed meal plans
βœ“ 7 modules of training from a Functional Medicine Practitioner
βœ“ 2 Q&A sessions on Gut Health, Weight Management + Hormone Balance 
βœ“ 1 group Mindset Mastery session
βœ“ Private Facebook Community 

+ $888 worth of bonuses: blood-testing masterclass, metabolism masterclass, gut health masterclass, guided cleanse, and more!

We want you to be 100% confident when you enrol in the JB Wellness School.
So you’re backed by our risk-free satisfaction guarantee.


Not sure if the JB Wellness School is right for you?

Let me help. This program is perfect for you if you're a busy mama and:

  • You’re a total beginner when it comes to ‘wellness’ and the idea of cooking healthy but easy and still tasty food scares you...
  • Every time you go to make a healthy dinner, you find yourself feeling tired/confused/procrastinating... and end up ordering ubereats, or having pasta to go with your wine (or worse just have the wine!)
  • You know you’re supposed to love and take care of yourself, and want to model this behaviour to your children -- but have absolutely zero idea of what to do or how to start...
  • You're feeling bloated and 'blah', and have put off nourishing your own health and wellness for a long time now. Too long. But you don't have the $ to invest in a 1:1 functional medicine practitioner or nutritionist. 
  • Or you’ve actually got a ton of experience but you know that you can uplevel your health game, and you know this is going to move the needle for you.
  • In short? This is for you, no matter which level you’re at, if you have the goal of truly being your own health master in 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this program different?

The JB Wellness School isn’t like every health program you’ve seen out there. 

For starters, it’s not just WHAT to do to improve your health and happiness, but HOW to do it. I’ve bought so many courses in my time (I love to learn!) and they’ve provided awesome education, absolutely. But with this program, I want to make sure you can take action on this education, too ~ with recipes, meal plans, grocery lists, and action steps included.  Because I’m here to help you create real, positive changes in your life.

Secondly, everything you learn and eat is built around evidence-based ‘functional medicine’ principles.  These are anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle guidelines, developed from my 11 years of advanced education and clinical practice.   

Doesn’t eating healthy cost more?

Perhaps! Eating real food with fresh ingredients costs more than frozen chips or McDonalds. But the cost to your health of not eating this way is very high too. I'd go so far as saying you can save thousands of dollars eating this way because it’s keeping you well

Just think about it...every time you go and see a specialist for your tummy trouble or skin woes, it costs $100s of dollars. Then you might have to have a scan, or exploratory surgery - it adds up fast!  Whether that’s for your skin, your fertility, your hormones, your gut and digestion, this way of eating can help alleviate symptoms. So why not prevent that whole cascade of events from happening, and start making small improvements to your nutrition and lifestyle?

And honestly, beautiful, the key is to just buy the best you can afford. There’s no judgement here. You don’t need to buy all organic, or take every supplement under the sun, to make a difference to your health, and the way you feel.

How much time do I need to devote to this?

The JB Wellness School is about providing practical time-efficient things you can do to improve your health and happiness, and that of your family. Each training is only 10 minutes, and the bonus workshops are 30 minutes or so each. Then I've provided you with extensive meal plans and recipes to follow, which are designed to SAVE you time spent shopping and wondering what to cook.  

Yes, it’s more work to make food every day, compared to throwing a ready meal in the oven. But it’s not a ridiculous amount of work, I promise. I’m a busy working Mum, and I’m no different to you: I need the quickest, simplest, most practical way to put food on the table, and make improvements to my family’s health. That's what this program is all about. 

You can definitely be a super mama who takes care of herself AND her kids with ease, but it helps to have the right meal plans, self-care strategies + go-to recipes up your sleeve.   

What if I don’t have children? Is this for me too?

You’re welcome in this program! The JB Wellness School will teach you the basics of how to heal your gut, manage your weight, improve your skin, balance your hormones, boost your energy, and eat right on a busy schedule. You’ll learn and action functional medicine principles that will support your health and happiness, whether you have children or not.  And you'll have go-to meal plans and recipes to guide your eating for the next 90-days (and really, forever!)

What kind of food is included in the recipes?

In my private practice I am all for eating real, whole food. In this program you’ll learn to eat in a way that most bodies respond incredibly really well to ~ and in a way that native communities around the world, that haven’t yet been Westernised, also eat. This way of eating does include some animal products because real food is, by nature, paleo.

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Isn’t it time to step up and take control of your health, beautiful? 
This is your how.











3 payments of $132.33 AUD



$397 AUD 

That includes:

βœ“ 90-days of Functional Nutritionist designed meal plans
βœ“ 7 modules of training from a Functional Medicine Practitioner
βœ“ 2 Q&A sessions on Gut Health, Weight Management and Hormone Balance
βœ“ 1 group Mindset Mastery session
βœ“ Private Facebook Community

+ $888 worth of bonuses including:

blood-testing masterclass, metabolism masterclass, gut health masterclass, guided cleanse,

and SO MUCH more!