‘Thanks to Jackie I am now feeling the best I have felt in over 20 years…she has turned my sluggish body into a strong, lean, high functioning machine (!!!) and I am now so much better equipped to deal with life’s challenges such as raising a small family of 5 with 3 children under 3.’ - Lisa T.

Jackie Bowker

Certified Functional Nutritionist / Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP, Certified Gluten Practitioner, BSc(BioMed), Grad. Dip. & M. Human Nutrition)

A former marketing executive, Jackie is passionate about a holistic approach to health and knows first-hand the profound power of food as medicine after recovering from adrenal depletion, chronic fatigue syndrome and a decades-long disordered eating and sugar addiction. Jackie practices functional nutrition, which focuses on identifying underlying causes of symptoms in the body, and correcting the imbalance through diet and lifestyle changes. Jackie specialises in digestive issues and rebuilding the gut lining for her clients. She believes that imbalances in the gut drives modern disease including weight gain, metabolic disease, anxiety and hormonal dysregulation. In between playing with her two small children, Hudson and Coco, Jackie runs a busy clinic called Hello Happy, designed to restore you to optimal health and happiness, located in Armadale, Victoria, Australia.

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